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    1. Kristiann Boos:
      Sep 15, 2016 at 11:00 AM

      Hi Katie,
      Thanks for reaching out about this. One of my testers did a full bust adjustment on her dress and she was really pleased with it. What I suggested to her was to expand the bodice front where the gathers are. You will be increasing the gathers over the bust. Secondly, I would suggest moving one of the notches along the sleeve edge where the bodices gathers connect. The notch to move will be the one closest to the sleeve hem. I would suggest moving it by approximately 1 inch, but then again, this is dependent on how much you are adding to the gathers for the bust adjustment. All in all, it's just a good idea to give a bit more breathing room for the gathers so that they aren't too condensed. If you have any further quesions about it, you can email me through my contact form. I'll be happy to help :) Good luck!