Garment Construction Principles Workshop

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      This is an in-person workshop, located in Toronto, Ontario.

       The Class size is limited to three students. Review the class policies here. Please note that by registering for this class, you agree to the class policies.

You've learned how to thread your machine and perhaps sewn a few garments, but you've got so many questions as to the how's and why's of the basic principles that go into garment construction.

This workshop guides you through the basic and essential elements that go into quality garment construction. These foundational concepts and methods are used in every garment, from beginner to advanced projects, and are the "unsung heroes" of garment construction. They directly contribute to the final shape, structure, and quality of your project. Developing a strong understanding of these principles that you can apply to every project will enhance even a beginner project to a more professional standard.

This class is a hands-on lecture session, with in-depth demonstrations, and guiding you through the creation of your own technique samples. You will be creating a reference book of the methods and principles discussed in class, which you can use as a resource for all future projects.

    • Prerequisite Skills: 

  • Knowledge of how to thread and operate a sewing machine.
  • This beginner-level class is perfect for someone who wants to improve on their garment-making skills or is about to start their adventure in sewing clothing
  • Class Date & Times:

    This workshops takes place over two three hour sessions in March:

  • Monday, March 16th & 23rd, 6 to 9 PM

Studio Location & Information:

The Victory Studio
334 Palmerston Blvd
Toronto, Canada
M6G 2N6

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