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Victory Studio is the workshop of designer and author, Kristiann Boos. She has worked with thousands of students in her eleven years of teaching, and in that time, launched her own line of sewing patterns under the label, Victory Patterns, along with publishing a book on modular garment construction, “Boundless Style,” F+W Media, 2015.

Kristiann offers project and technique based sewing workshops to advanced-beginner and intermediate level students that are passionate about refining their craft of sewing. Each class is thoughtfully developed to help you build your sewing skills and repertoire. Located in downtown Toronto, the small class sizes allow you to have focused attention throughout your course so that you can soak up as much as there is to learn!

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Hi, I'm Kristiann and it will be my pleasure to teach you. For as long as I can remember, sewing has been at the heart of my life. It was the thing I did as a kid to ward off boredom, and because of it, I can say that I've filled many spare moments with a needle and thread. Sewing is a beautiful world of possibility, creativity, discovery, and self-expression. I'm sure we'll gush more in class about all the beautiful things it has to offer, but let me tell you a bit about myself.

I have a background in Fashion design. After earning a BA in fashion from Ryerson University, I went on to be a stylist in the UK. From there, I returned to Toronto to work as a costume designer and moonlighted as a sewing teacher. Teaching sewing made me fall in love with sewing even harder (i didn't know it was possible) because I saw how it empowered my students. I loved how much pride and confidence it gave, and that steered me into the direction of starting my line of sewing patterns.

I've taught sewing for over a decade, and now want to bring it a bit closer to home, creating an intimate experience, where I'm able to teach you in my own space, with my patterns. Join me for a workshop in my studio, and let's make something amazing together!

My Philosophy

Learning to sew involves using your hands in a new, exciting way; They'll become your new set of eyes, and can be as agile and graceful as a ballerina's feet. As you learn along the way, remember that every "mistake" serves to teach a valuable lesson, so soak it all in. I want you to have the best time as we take on this creative adventure together. Sewing is life changing in so many wonderful ways, and I firmly believe that it builds confidence that translates into other facets of life.

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