The Atlas Winter Bundle - PDF

  • THE ATLAS WINTER BUNDLE is a match made in a winter wonderland heaven, as it features our two accessory patterns that get you through the coldest days of the year; the Atlas Mitten and Atlas Tuque. They are designed for use with upcycled materials, such as a knitted sweater and recycled fur, but can just as easily be made using store-bought fabric.

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    Atlas Mittens

    Atlas Tuque

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    THE ATLAS MITTEN may be the warmest and most stylish pair of mittens you'll ever wear. Designed for use with mostly upcycled materials, such as recycled knit sweaters, wool, fur, and leather goods. There are several fabrication options for you to personalize these mittens to your taste. The mitten is fully lined and will keep your ten digits warm all winter while making sure that when you're packing snowballs, you'll look good doing it!

    BONUS: We've included a free embroidery pattern that features two beautiful folky floral motifs. They go perfectly with the Atlas mitten, especially if you're making it with solid-colored wool. If you're new to embroidery, this is a great starter project.

    View 1: A Knit or wool face with a leather palm; features a fur cuff made from either recycled or faux fur.

    View 2: A Knit or wool face with a leather palm; features a rib-knit cuff.

    View 3: Common fabric throughout the face and palm of the mitten. The fur and the ribbing cuff are interchangeable. For this view, it is suggested to use wool for the outer layer. The recycled knit sweater is not recommended for the palm as it likely has more stretch than is ideal, which will produce a larger mitten size. Alternatively, you can use leather for the entire outer layer of the mitten.

    Sizes: XS-XXL



    Call it what you will - beanie, winter hat, block heater, but here in Canada, we call it a Tuque. All you need to know is that this hat is sure to keep your noggin warm, cozy, and looking good!

    This pattern is designed for use with a recycled sweater or lofty cable knit fabric. It features a ribbed band along the opening edge and a pom-pom to top it off. The pom-pom can be made out of recycled fur or faux fur. It has a relaxed, comfortable fit and is simple and quick to sew. It pairs perfectly with the Atlas Mitten pattern.

    Two views present different fabrication options.

    View 1 uses a recycled sweater and incorporates the ribbing hem band found along the hem edge of the sweater.

    View 2 uses cable knit or cardigan knit fabric for the body of the hat and ribbed knit fabric for the band.

    Sizes: XS-XXL. Suitable for children and adults.

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