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Kazz had posted her version of Anouk last week on Sew weekly, and it was utterly AWESOME!!! I was so excited to show it off here. A girl after my own heart, she's mixed my two favorite materials together, leather and chiffon. Aye Karumba! I get so happy to see super personalized versions of the patterns, and Kazz has such a vibrant, eclectic sense of style and she completely did it justice!
Kazz wears her version of the Anouk dress

detail of Anouk leather placket

How long have you been sewing, and how would you describe your sewing level?
For as long as I can remember, I started out on a Holly Hobbie chain stitch battery operated toy sewing machine remember those? I used to sew my Barbie doll clothes from my Nana's sewing scraps, which she would bundle in a big plastic bag for me. It was like Christmas every time we went to visit. She was a fantastic seamstress, I'd just sit there and stare at her sewing away, and she would say 'sit up straight, Karen, and close your mouth. She'd be really proud of me and the skills I have acquired over the years. As far as describing my level of skill, I would call myself an intermediate self-taught seamstress with big plans on becoming an advanced someday. How will I know if I've ever made it to that stage? If I tackle an advanced Victory Pattern and the lovely Kristiann says it's a winner!!! Then perhaps I can call myself an Advancee.

Kazz the Spazz in her Anouk dressWhat type of fabric did you use for this creation? Is there a type of fabric that would have been more suitable?
I've made this dress twice and would love to talk about the most recent version because it's my favorite. I used leather and chiffon which turned out to be a winning combination, the perfect union between pattern and fabric I think. She turned out brilliantly and looked expensive.

Did you make any personal adjustments to the pattern to make it your own?
I did, I changed the chevrons on the front bodice to a slightly different design, not because I don't like the chevrons I love them I just thought I'd throw a bit of me into the mix.

detail of Anouk leather placket

Where do you wear this piece?
Anouk and I have been almost everywhere together. We went to a concert together where I wore black tights and Acne wedges. We danced the night away singing all the wrong lyrics. We had photo's taken together for my blog and The Sew Weekly black and white challenge, and on Monday we ventured out for coffee and a mouth-watering sticky date pudding. She's off to the dry cleaners this weekend. I hope she doesn't get too jealous when I turn up wearing the Victory Simone.

If you have a personal blog or a post on this pattern, would you care to share it?
My little piece of the world-wide-web resides over at Kazzthespazz.com; a domain name I'd love to change. Admittedly, in its early days, it was never a sewing blog. It was just a place for my family and friends to visit and keep up to date with what my little family and I were doing after moving from Sydney to Melbourne. Then I started blogging the clothes I was sewing along with a soundtrack and my other love, Graphic Design and found my niche so, with a decent level of returning visitors the name will have to stay for now.

I'd love to share with you my first Anouk; we went to Las Vegas together. You can see what we got up to here.

Thanks for inviting me over to talk all things Victory. My personal favorite.

Thanks so much for making such an awesome dress and for sharing it with us, Kazz! I can't wait to see what you do with Simone!!!

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